Master 5G Mobile Proxies: Uses, Advantages, Procuring 

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With 5G adoption soaring worldwide, mobile proxies are getting more reliable & attractive for individuals and businesses. Proxy providers now give access to 5G-based mobile proxies for a faster, secure, and private internet browsing experience.      

Since the term 5G mobile proxies is still relatively new to the market, most users don’t know what they are and how they work. Keep reading to learn more about their versatile use cases, benefits, how to set up, and more.

What are 5G Mobile Proxies?

A 5G mobile proxy masks your identity by replacing it with a different IP provided by a mobile internet ISP. The proxy makes it look like you’re browsing through a 5G connection on a mobile device. While in reality, you may be on a desktop or another device.

5G mobile proxies use rotating IPs to mimic a real mobile user. These IPs pass through multiple 5G-connected cellular devices in one session.

You could do the same with any other proxy type. However, traditional proxies like private & shared proxies don’t offer mobile-specific IPs. Thus, they don’t make you appear more trustworthy and genuine to target websites. 

5G mobile proxies rely on the latest internet technology, offering faster speeds and minimal latency. 

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What Makes 5G Mobile Proxies Superior?

Nature of Mobile Proxies

5G home internet provided by cellular companies is replacing traditional cable internet at an incredible rate. So, more users are now blending in with real people using mobile internet.

Mobile proxies take advantage of this. Their usage blends in with the thousands of other real-world cell data users connected to cellular towers. Since every cell tower has a subnet of IPs shared among the cell users in that specific area, tracking a mobile proxy user wouldn’t be possible.   

Target websites can’t block, ban, or track 5G mobile proxy users. If they did, they’d have to ban an entire subnet of users, which conglomerates like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can’t afford to do. It would mean blocking access to hundreds of thousands of users. 

Latest Mobile Technology

5G mobile proxies are based on the latest in mobile network technology. You get higher speeds, low latency, and high bandwidth to scrape public data without interruptions, manage multiple social accounts, and verify ads.   

5G Mobile Proxies Use Cases 

5G mobile proxies are reliable and flexible, with use cases like:

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Seamless Data Collection

Over 38% of all companies use scraping tools to conduct market research. Their main obstacle is the prevalence of anti-scraping measures, resulting in IP bans and other repercussions. 

Since 5G mobile proxies offer dynamic IPs, there’s no chance of getting detected or banned. Plus, the speedy 5G connection allows for uninterrupted scraping.

Easily Manage Social Media Accounts

5G mobile proxies use real IP addresses from cell towers to mimic genuine mobile users, who make up a majority of social media users. That means businesses can use mobile proxies to automate posts and access geo-restricted content without getting flagged as suspicious.

SEO Monitoring

Search engines prioritize mobile-first indexing, so it’s best to use 5G mobile proxies for SEO monitoring. SEO professionals can hide their IP to track keyword rankings, site indexing, and mobile page performance and optimize their websites for mobile users.

Brand Protection

Businesses can use 5G mobile proxies to monitor the web anonymously for unauthorized use of their brand. It will allow them to detect trademark infringement and counterfeiting and take prompt action. Mobile proxies can also help them mitigate threats from competitors.

Price Extraction & Monitoring

The crawl rate of a website limits the number of requests a single IP can make to combat price extraction efforts. By rotating your IP address periodically, mobile proxies keep your scraper undetected. They’ll also provide access to region-specific prices and data.

App Development & Testing

Developers can simulate diverse mobile environments to test the functionality of their mobile apps. The proxies can help them mimic users from different locations and identify issues in speed, responsiveness, and geographical variations.

Integrating 5G Mobile Proxies into Workflows with API 

Around 90% of developers use APIs in some capacity. Luckily, API functionality can also help them integrate 5G mobile proxies into their workflows. 

Many mobile proxy providers offer API documentation specifically for developers. It includes authentication methods, mobile proxy request syntax, and API functions.

This rulebook also allows them programmatic access to various features within the proxy and integrates them into existing workflows. The integrations will enhance high-volume tasks like web scraping or data collection by improving speed, reliability, and anonymity. 

Common Issues with Mobile Proxies

While mobile proxies are more reliable and flexible than other types, they come with some downsides. Here’s what to remember before investing in a mobile IP. 

Limited Bandwidth

Mobile carriers provide limited data transfer capacities to each device. That means users connected to the same proxy server may sometimes need to share the bandwidth. The issue is mainly due to limitations in the mobile network instead of the proxy itself. 

Shared Download & Upload Speeds

Mobile proxies have a smaller IP pool than other proxy types, making private IPs harder to find. In most cases, you’ll need to share your IP address with other users. This also means sharing the download and upload speeds, slowing your web performance. 

Choosing The Right Proxy Provider for 5G Mobile Proxies

Since the mobile proxy market is still relatively new, choosing the right provider isn’t easy. Here’s our top five proxy providers for 5G mobile proxies. 

Pinnacle Proxy

Pinnacle Proxy focuses majorly on mobile proxies, offering IPs attached to real T-Mobile and AT&T SIM cards. That means you can seamlessly blend into the crowd of mobile users.

Unlike most mobile proxies, it also offers dedicated IPs, so you don’t have to share the bandwidth with other users. Plus, they offer connections to US locations via HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols.


Soax offers 3.5 million mobile IPs in over 100 locations. Since it offers flexible IP filtering options from 90 to 600 seconds, it’s a great tool to use alongside your web scraper. It also allows you to choose custom rotations for maximum anonymity.

The connection is decently fast and stable, but their customer service is definitely the shining star. 

The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy offers dedicated mobile IPs specifically for social media automation. That means you’ll receive a raw and unmodified 5G connection to mimic a real social media user. Plus, you can run as many accounts as possible since they offer unlimited connections.

Bright Data

Bright Data is one of the more popular proxy providers, offering seven million mobile IPs from real users. This feature-packed proxy provider is better for those with technical experience since it has a learning curve. 

It’s highly customizable, allowing you to change the rotation settings, mobile carrier, and more. Developers can also integrate it into their workflow using the provided API.


Smartproxy has the second-largest proxy pool in the world, with over 10 million IPs. Users can pick from 130+ locations and 700+ ASNs. If the intuitive interface isn’t enough to impress you, the competitive pricing definitely will. 

Other than that, Smartproxy has a 97.37% success rate and a 1.12s response time. Its only drawback is the lack of city-level targeting.

How Can I Set Up My Own 5G Mobile Proxy 

If working with a proxy provider isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt to set up your own 5G mobile proxy server with one of two approaches.


Follow these steps to set your own 5G mobile proxy using Proxidize hardware and software.

  1. Choose your Proxidize Kit on the Proxidize online store and purchase via credit/debit card or cryptocurrency.
  2. It will take about one to two weeks for your Proxidize kit to be delivered. The kit includes your Proxidize server, Ethernet cable, USB hub, hub cable, modem, PC power cable, and hub PSU.
  3. First, connect your router and the Proxidize server using the Ethernet cable. 
  4. Connect the USB hub to the Proxidize server using the USB cable.
  5. Insert your SIM cards into the Proxidize modems. Depending on the Proxidize Kit, you’ll need 5 to 100 SIM cards. 
  6. Connect your modems/dongles to the USB hub and the power adapters to power sockets.
  7. Then, connect the 5-Volt-rated power adapter to the Proxidize Server and the 12-Volt-rated adapter to the USB hub.
  8. Open a browser on any device connected to the same router and enter your IP address.
  9. This will open the Proxidize interface; log in using the given credentials. 
  10. The software is pre-installed, so you will get an activation page. 
  11. If you have a Proxidize subscription with a license key, click Yes and enter your license key.
  12. If not, get one here.
  13. Set up port forwarding to use your proxies remotely from a different network.
  14. Finally, you can connect to your proxy and start using it.


Follow these steps to set up your 5G mobile proxy using the iProxy app.

  1. On a remote device, pick your desired plan on the iProxy online store and purchase via credit/debit card or cryptocurrency.
  2. Create a connection to the location closest to you. You’ll get an authorization PIN; note it down. 
  3. Download the iProxy app from the Play Store on your mobile device. 
  4. Use the authorization PIN to log in.
  5. Click on the given link to download Open VPN.
  6. Click OK on the Open VPN connection request.
  7. Set up “Remote Change IP Address.”
  8. Insert the SIM card and turn on mobile data.
  9. Then, go into your device settings and select iProxy as the Digital Assistant app.
  10. On the iProxy app, click on “Change IP.”
  11. Return to the iProxy interface on the remote device and copy the proxy credentials. 
  12. Click on “Change IP” and choose your desired rotation period.
  13. Finally, enjoy your private mobile proxy on the remote device.

Benefits of 5G Mobile Proxies

5G mobile proxies have a few downsides, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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Super Fast 5G Speeds

Mobile proxies pass through real devices connected to a 5G network. That means faster load speeds, especially when it comes to data-intensive tasks. If you opt for a dedicated IP, you won’t have to share the bandwidth either.

Complete Privacy

5G mobile proxies mask your identity with real IPs from cell towers to mimic real mobile users. This way, you can blend in with the mobile user crowd and make your online activities untraceable. Plus, the dynamic IP rotation also makes it hard to track.

Multiple Protocols

Most 5G mobile proxies support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5, allowing developers to integrate them for various use cases. For example, web browsing and data scraping may benefit from HTTP or HTTPS protocols, while privacy-focused apps require SOCKS protocols.


5G mobile proxies offer unmatched reliability because they make your traffic look like another 5G user. Out of a thousand real-world mobile-data customers, your connection stays undetected, giving you 100% dependability.    

Massive IP Pool

As more mobile devices switch to 5G networks, the IP pool of 5G mobile proxies expands. It gives you access to more locations and quicker IP changes to stay undetected while browsing the web.

UDP Protocol Support

At Pinnacle Proxy, our 5G mobile proxies support UDP protocol via OpenVPN. Basically, UDP doesn’t establish a formal connection before data is transferred, resulting in speed and efficiency. Various mobile proxy providers don’t have the UDP functionality, so expect some latency in this case.     

Wrapping Up

5G mobile proxies go above and beyond traditional proxies when it comes to speed, privacy, and versatility. Whether you get them through proxy providers or set them up yourself, mobile proxies are a great way to make your online activities impossible to trace. Follow our guide to set up one today. 

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