Pinnacle Proxy Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy


Pinnacle Proxy commits to ensuring that our premium 4G and 5G mobile proxy networks and solutions are utilized for approved business cases that serve the market responsibly and ethically.

Our Role in Web Intelligence

As a provider of mobile proxy connections, Pinnacle Proxy acts as an intermediary between the publicly available internet and businesses. Our goal is to protect all parties from potential abuse through extensive KYC policies and risk management practices.

Best Practices Adoption

Our KYC policy is inspired by best practices from sectors like banking and finance, enabling us to apply decades of experience to the mobile proxy industry.

Preventing Misuse

Pinnacle Proxy is dedicated to preventing the misuse of our services. Our KYC process ensures all usage is ethical and aligns with our Acceptable Use Policy, safeguarding the industry from abuse.

KYC Policy Overview

  • Applies to All Customers: Every customer must complete a KYC questionnaire to access our services.
  • Right to Refuse Service: We reserve the right to refuse service for any use case deemed inappropriate, suspicious, or unethical.
  • Prohibition of Illegal Uses: Any illegal or unethical use of our services will result in immediate contract termination.
  • Abuse Monitoring: Our team of risk and legal professionals works diligently to minimize service abuse.
  • Risk Assessments: Unique use cases undergo thorough assessment to ensure no risk to our customers or internet users.
  • Selective Customer Approval: Annually, a significant portion of customer inquiries are rejected for non-conformance with our policies.

KYC Information Requirements

  • Company Details: Registered name, industry, date of incorporation.
  • Contact Information: Phone number, email address, registered address.
  • Usage Information: Business model, methodology of use, planned use case.
  • Additional Information: Necessary documentation and any further requests by our Risk team.

KYC Process

  • Onboarding: Every new customer must fill out our KYC form with necessary details for risk and usage assessment.
  • Evaluation: Regular reviews of customer activity and automated systems to detect suspicious behavior.
  • Monitoring: In case of suspicions, internal investigations may be conducted, and service access may be restricted or revoked.

Commitment to Privacy

All client information is treated with utmost confidentiality and handled as per our Privacy Policy.