6 Best Reddit Proxies Ranked

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6 Best Reddit Proxies Ranked

If you’re one of the 430 million users on Reddit, you know the platform comes with its downfalls. 

From geo-restrictions and privacy concerns due to browser fingerprinting, using this community-based app comes at a cost. The result? A limited, unsafe browsing experience. 

Luckily, a Reddit proxy can help you overcome all issues specific to this social network. 

What is a Reddit Proxy?

A Reddit proxy is a tool that allows you to access Reddit through an intermediary server. It runs your internet traffic through its server before it reaches Reddit. 

This way, you can bypass restrictions from your network or government. Plus, you can create and manage multiple Reddit accounts without getting your IP banned.

Here’s how a Reddit proxy works: Instead of directly connecting you to Reddit’s servers, the proxy intercepts your data requests. Then, it forwards the request on your behalf using a random IP. Your real IP stays hidden and safe from malware. 

Reddit Proxy Use Cases with Scenarios 

Here are a few scenarios you may need a Reddit proxy.

Data Scraping

Data scraping has excellent results, but it can also take forever. Especially on a big site like Reddit, it might take weeks to get even a little bit of info. 

That’s where a Reddit data scraping proxy comes in handy, making the process easy and quick.

A Reddit data scraping script needs a good proxy to avoid getting blocked. So, think of the proxy as a secret assistant getting the necessary info without anyone noticing.

Avoiding CAPTCHAs

Frequent verification requests can be exhausting. CAPTCHA tests quickly spot bot behavior by checking the number of connection requests from one IP in a certain time frame. 

To avoid getting bogged down with puzzles while scraping data, it’s wise to rotate Reddit proxies. They consistently switch your IP and make your traffic harder to follow.

Reddit Voting Bots

On Reddit, the more upvotes you get, the more your posts will be visible, making your account look good. If your posts get a lot of downvotes, they sink to the bottom, and your Reddit reputation takes a hit.

If you’re a newbie on Reddit, getting enough upvotes on their posts will take a lot of work. Users might not notice what you share since you have yet to get a big following.

In that case, a voting bot can automatically give your posts an upvote or downvote. But to avoid getting banned, these bots need proxies. 

Reddit keeps tabs on who’s voting from which account and IP address. So, voting bots need a steady stream of new IPs on rotation to keep on voting.


When it comes to Reddit proxies, the ultimate goal is complete automation. If you’re serious about doing business on the platform, a Reddit automation bot is your answer.

This bot can mimic a human user but connects through a proxy. It can handle everything from posting and scheduling to voting, following users, and even creating new accounts.

But, using a proxy is crucial for these bots. It helps them avoid getting banned or deleted so they can create new accounts whenever needed.

Multi-Account Management

Reddit generally allows users to have multiple accounts but with some caveats. 

You can have a few accounts, maybe even five or six, as long as you’re not upvoting your posts and comments too often. However, creating too many accounts, especially for marketing, will likely get your profiles flagged. Plus, if you manage all your accounts from the same IP, Reddit may suspend or ban all of them. 

To avoid this, you can use rotating proxies to reroute your traffic for each account.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Accessing local subreddits from different regions can help you advertise and connect with users worldwide. Thanks to Reddit proxies, you can now explore areas typically restricted to local users, opening up a whole new world of communities.

Reddit is banned in China, North Korea, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Identifying the Optimal Proxy Varieties for Success on Reddit 

Let’s dive into how different proxy types perform on Reddit.

  • Residential Proxies: Residential IPs are great for Reddit because they’re less likely to get blocked. They use IPs from real devices, so they’re more authentic. You can choose between static IPs, which stay the same, and rotating IPs, which change at intervals. Rotating proxies can be great for data scraping, while static IPs are good for managing accounts.
  • Dedicated Proxies: With dedicated IPs, you have the address all to yourself after buying it. They’re great for managing accounts or heavy scraping.
  • Datacenter Proxies: If you’re not concerned with automation, datacenter proxies are a good choice. They’re cheaper than residential IPs and still give you some anonymity.
  • Mobile Proxies: Mobile IPs are tough to block, making them super reliable. But they’re also the priciest option. If you need serious protection or other proxies aren’t cutting it, go for mobile proxies. But for Reddit, they might be overkill regarding security and cost.
  • Shared Proxies: Shared DC proxies are fine for unlocking geo-restricted content or lighter scraping. They’re cheaper than residential and dedicated proxies. Reddit isn’t too picky about proxies, so shared ones might work just fine.

Reddit Proxy Success Techniques and Insider Tips 

Use these tips and techniques to get the most out of your Reddit proxy.

  • You can link a unique static residential or ISP proxy to each of your Reddit accounts. This ensures that each account has its own static residential IP.
  • Using a larger pool of IPs typically means proxies aren’t overused, making rotating residential Reddit proxies the best choice overall in this scenario.
  • Ensure the proxy you select complies with Reddit’s terms of service for a seamless browsing experience.
  • Before committing to a proxy service, test its performance on Reddit. Make sure it offers the speed and reliability you need.
  • Don’t overuse proxies on Reddit because excessive activity from a single IP can raise suspicions and lead to bans.

Top 6 Reddit Proxy Providers

Here are the top six proxy providers that offer Reddit-specific services.


  • Datacenter: $1.39 /proxy
  • Static Residential: $2.40 /proxy
  • Rotating Residential: $1.75 /GB
  • Mobile: starts at $81 /mo
  • Private: $1.56 /proxy

IPRoyal offers over two million IPs in its proxy pool. Their residential plan is perfect for data scraping and managing multiple accounts, thanks to its global coverage and advanced session control for each IP. They also offer static residential, sneaker, and mobile proxies.

IPRoyal’s user-friendly dashboard allows you to:

  • Easily configure your proxies.
  • Monitor data usage
  • Extend your orders

Key Features:

  • Locations: 341,385 (US), 103,502 (Germany), 99,240 (UK), etc. 
  • Rotations: Every request, 1 second to 7 days
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat, email, and Discord
  • Extras: API, data usage reports, high-end pool, third-party integrations
  • Free trial: 24-hour refund
  • Detectability: 93.74% success rate
  • Other Functionalities: Google Chrome Proxy Extension, Mozilla Firefox Extension, and Proxy Tester

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 9 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 10 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 9 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 8 out of 10

Trustpilot Rating – 4.65 out of 5

Recognized by Famous Companies – PC Mag, Tech Radar, Tech Advisor, and Hacker Noon

Our overall rating is 9 out of 10.


Ethical – Ethically-sourced proxies

Diverse Locations – IPs in many diffferent locations

Product diversity – Supports SOCKS5

Solid support – Reliable and fast live chat support


Lack of Scraping Features – Doesn’t come with a web scraping tool

Free trial – No free trial


  • Datacenter: $3 per IP
  • Residential: $1 per GB
  • ISP: $12 per GB
  • Mobile: starts at $4/GB
  • Shared: $12 /GB

Infatica provides access to a large pool of clean and reliable IPs. Each of them has high success rates, especially in data scraping tasks. They also offer high-speed connections and advanced geo-targeting, making it easy for you to unblock geo-restricted content.

With a pool of over 60 million home IPs, you have endless options for finding the right IP. The extensive pool size also allows them to offer their services at a lower cost.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 226,090 (US), 792,251 (Russia), 116,173 (Germany), etc.
  • Rotations: Every request, or between 5 and 60 minutes
  • Support: 24/7 support via tickets, chat, or email
  • Extras: Extensive documentation, SEO services, web scraper API, PPC quality control
  • Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99
  • Detectability: 95.95% success rate
  • Other Functionalities: Web scraper and SERP web scraper

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 8 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 10 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 8 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 9 out of 10

Trustpilot Rating – 4.6 out of 5

Recognized by Famous Companies – Wow AI, eTeam, and Crawly

Our overall rating is 8.75 out of 10.


Solid performance – High-speed performance

Affordable prices – Contains numerous affordable plans

Stellar support – Good customer service response rate

Free trial – Comes with a free trial


Limited network size – Not many proxy networks are available

Average user experience – Hard-to-navigate interface for newbie proxy users


  • Datacenter: $8 /GB
  • Residential: $20 /GB
  • ISP: $17.50 /GB
  • Mobile: $30 /GB
  • Shared: $1 /GB

NetNut provides over 150K IPS in the US, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, India, Canada, the UK, and Argentina. While their residential proxy network spans over 150 countries, their data center proxies offer a broader and more diverse range of IPs. They’re a much better pick for those who prioritize global coverage.

One key feature of NetNut is its flexible payment options – you can pay by GB of traffic or by the number of requests. Plus, the provider offers various plans, including custom plans tailored to meet specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 231,6791 (US), 556,454 (Mexico), 967,890 (France), etc.
  • Rotations: Every request
  • Support: 24/7 via email and Skype
  • Extras: API, extensive documentation, one-hop ISP connectivity, proxy management
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses
  • Detectability: 95.68% success rate
  • Other Functionalities: Website unblocker, SERP scraper API, Professional profile data and company data 

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 7 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 7 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 9 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 8 out of 10

Trustpilot Rating – 4.2 out of 5

Recognized by Famous Companies – Apify, Import.io, Lenovo, and Joom

Our overall rating is 7.75 out of 10.


Extensive network – Broad proxy network

Impressive features – Unique set of features

Scalable – Easy to scale

Multiple payment methods – Flexible payment options


Subpar onboarding – The onboarding is confusing

Minimal documentation – New users can get stuck as there’s less documentation for beginers

Average customer support – NetNut could make their customer service better


  • Datacenter: $2.5 /IP
  • Residential: $6.6 /GB
  • ISP: $6.6 /GB
  • Mobile: $6.6 /GB
  • Shared: $0.6 /GB

SOAX provides approximately 5 million IPs worldwide, with decent coverage in most regions. Although, remote African locations may be harder to access. Users can easily check coverage using a map on SOAX’s dashboard.

Other than that, SOAX offers generous targeting and rotation options, including ASN targeting, which is rare among mid-range providers.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 6,843,600 (US), 2,765,400 (UK), 1,110,960 (Germany), etc.
  • Rotations: Every request, 90-600 seconds (residential and mobile), 24-hour sessions (ISP)
  • Support: 24/7 live chat and tickets
  • Extras: API, customer success manager, VPN, encryption
  • Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99
  • Detectability: 98.22% success rate
  • Other Functionalities: Multiple APIs, Google Chrome extension, and web unblocker tool

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 9 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 9 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 8 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 10 out of 10

Trustpilot Rating – 4.3 out of 5

Recognized by Famous Companies – Forbes, Mobio, Proxyway, and Weljo

Our overall rating is 9 out of 10.


Helpful documentation hub – Excellent documentation hub to inform users

Reliable proxies – Proxies haave a reliability score of 98.22%

High performance- High-quality proxy servers ensure fast speeds

Affordable prices – Multiple reasonable plans for everyone


A limited number of ports- The port selection is limited

Not enough residential IPs for rotation – As compared to other platforms, the pool of residential IPs is tight


  • Datacenter: $0.22 /proxy
  • Residential: $10.50 /GB
  • ISP: $15 /GB
  • Mobile: $24 /GB
  • Shared: $0.05 /proxy

Webshare offers over 10 million IPs from 195 countries. While their static residential proxies are confined to the US, the data center proxies are available from over 50 countries.

Plus, you’ll enjoy ten free proxies, regardless of your subscription plan. Both their data center and residential proxies support HTTP and Socks5 protocols. You can also access custom IP replacement options and high-priority network settings on the dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 1,265 (Albania), 1,362 (Argentina), 6,105 (Australia), etc.
  • Rotations: Customizable with Proxy Manager
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat, tickets, and dedicated account manager
  • Extras: API, browser extension, Proxy Manager, extensive documentation
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses, 3-day refund for individuals
  • Detectability: 98.06% success rate
  • Other Functionalities: Free proxy list and Google Chrome extension

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 6 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 9 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 6 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 8 out of 10

Trustpilot Rating – 4.4 out of 5

Recognized by Famous Companies – Superseats, Vendisys, Externship, and ViralPick

Our overall rating is 7.25 out of 10.


Flexible payment options – Something for everyone

Great performance – High-quality proxy servers ensure fast speeds

User-friendly interface – Everything is available on the dashboard

Free proxies – You get 10 free proxies


Average customer support – Webshare could improve its customer support

Features scarcity – A limited set of features


  • Datacenter: $50 /month
  • Residential: $10 /proxy
  • ISP: $340 /month
  • Mobile: $22 /proxy
  • Shared: $50 /month

Oxylabs boasts an extensive pool of over 100 million IPs and a wide set of features.

For example, their user-friendly dashboard includes customizable graphs for tracking usage. Plus, their rich documentation page offers helpful examples. For quick assistance, they also provide live chat support.

Lastly, Oxylabs offers a public API for seamless integration into your workflow.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 11,074,560 (US), 3,579,899 (Germany), 3,622,838 (UK) etc.
  • Rotations: Every 30 minutes
  • Support: Live chat, account manager
  • Extras: Extensive documentation, proxy management, SERP scraper API, unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Free trial: 7-day trial for companies, 3-day refund
  • Detectability: 99.98% success rate
  • Other Functionalities: Web unblocker, scraper tools, Datasets, Proxy Manager for Android, and Google Chrome extension

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 10 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 6 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 9 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 8 out of 10

Trustpilot Rating – 4.7 out of 5

Recognized by Famous Companies – Trivago, SEON, Stanford, and Debunk

Our overall rating is 8.25 out of 10.


Top-notch customer service Easily connect with professionals over chat

Well-performing proxies Reliable & high-speed proxy servers

Comes with its own scraping tool Web scraping API tool for smoother data gathering

Rich documentation Trouble setting up proxy? You can use the well-documented Oxylabs guide


Pricy – Expensive plans

Frequently Asked Questions About Reddit Proxies

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Reddit proxies.

What is the strongest proxy for Reddit?

IPRoyal is easily the strongest proxy for Reddit since it has a wide range of residential and mobile IPs. You’ll be able to mimic a real user and avoid bans even while using a voting bot. IPRoyal proxies get past Reddit’s anti-proxy measures with ease.

Should I use a proxy or VPN for Reddit?

Despite popular belief, proxies and VPNs are different. Both can help you access Reddit by hiding your IP address, but a VPN offers a higher level of security.
A Reddit VPN will encrypt all your internet traffic for better protection against hackers. Most proxies do not offer this encryption level.

How do I set up a Reddit proxy?

1. Navigate to Settings > Network Settings > Manual Proxy Configuration.
2. Enter the IP and port number given by your proxy provider.
3. Save and exit.

Which free proxy is best for Reddit?

While free proxies can be tempting, paid proxies ensure a much more secure browsing experience on Reddit. If you’re on a budget, you can check out the free proxy lists from one of the options above.

Final Words

A reliable Reddit proxy can be invaluable in bypassing IP bans or accessing geo-restricted content. While Reddit allows its users a ton of freedom, spamming or vote manipulation can get your account suspended. A good Reddit proxy not only helps you stay anonymous but also supports scraping and automation.

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