6 Best Vimeo Proxies from Best to Worst

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6 Best Vimeo Proxies from Best to Worst

With nearly 300 million users, Vimeo is undoubtedly one of the top video-sharing sites worldwide. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn’t compress your videos while uploading, maintaining a crisp quality.

The only problem? The platform’s geo-restrictions can make some features and videos inaccessible to users worldwide. 

Thanks to Vimeo proxies, unrestricted and uninterrupted access to Vimeo is still possible.

What is a Vimeo Proxy?

A Vimeo proxy is a server that facilitates unrestricted access to the video-sharing platform Vimeo. 

The platform has a geo-blocking feature, which allows creators to make their content unavailable in certain regions. A proxy specifically created for Vimeo can help users bypass geo-blocking.

The proxy works as a middleman between you and Vimeo’s server. Instead of displaying your real IP, the proxy server shows that you’re located in a country that the content creator doesn’t block. 

As a result, you reduce your chances of getting blocked by Vimeo.

Use Cases for Vimeo Proxies with Scenarios

Here are a few scenarios you may need a Vimeo proxy.

Accessing Blocked Content

Vimeo’s geo-blocking feature allows creators to restrict who sees their content. For example, they may choose to hide their content from UK users.

If you’re in the UK, the Vimeo proxy will not show your real IP. Instead, it will look like you’re in a location where that specific content isn’t restricted.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Vimeo is blocked in certain countries, including:

  • China (excluding Hong Kong)
  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Iran
  • Russia
  • Cuba 
  • Indonesia

If you live in one of those countries, a Vimeo proxy will provide access to the platform by hiding your real IP. It’ll display your location, such as the US or Canada, where Vimeo isn’t blocked.

Data Scraping

Vimeo uses bot management services to detect and block bot activity. This can make market research tricky since you can’t scrape data with automation. 

With a Vimeo proxy, your IP will keep changing at random intervals. Your server will need to display one IP longer to get flagged for bot activity so that you can continue your web scraping efforts.

Privacy and Security

Vimeo stores its data on Google’s associated data centers, one of the safest places your data can live. Still, those concerned about their data getting in the wrong hands can rely on a Vimeo proxy.

Vimeo proxies transmit your data requests through encrypted tunnels. That means no one can get unauthorized access to your activity on Vimeo.

Content Testing 

As a Vimeo creator, you have the option to pick and choose which regions you display your content. Vimeo proxies allow you to test how your content will appear in different locations. 

You can also use these proxies to post multiple videos at a time without getting blocked.

Multi-Account Management

Like many other video-sharing platforms, Vimeo doesn’t allow you to create multiple free accounts on a single IP. If you want to expand your video-sharing limits, you must pay for an Advanced plan. 

In that case, you can use a Vimeo proxy to keep your IP on rotation. That way, your real IP won’t be associated with multiple accounts, and you won’t get blocked.

Identifying the Optimal Proxy Varieties for Success on Vimeo 

From best to worst, here’s how different types of proxies perform on Vimeo:

  • Residential Proxies: These proxies are top-tier for success on Vimeo. Their IPs are associated with actual ISPs, mimicking real users to avoid IP bans. Plus, they’re much more secure, with only 0.2% of residential proxies behind cyber attacks.
  • Mobile Proxies: With a mobile proxy, your data requests go through real 4G/5G mobile networks. Since the majority of Vimeo accounts are mobile users, these proxies give you a better chance of staying anonymous. 
  • Dedicated Proxies: Dedicated proxies are reliable because they offer exclusive IPs to a single user. This also makes them speedy and stable for uninterrupted Vimeo use.
  • Datacenter Proxies: Datacenter proxies are affordable but less reliable than residential ones. Vimeo’s security systems may detect and block these proxies due to their non-residential IPs.
  • Shared Proxies: In a shared proxy, one IP is used by multiple users at a time. Not only does it cause latency, but it also increases your chances of getting blocked. You can get banned due to malicious intent from other users on the same IP.
  • Free/Open Proxies: Open proxies are “free,” but they still come at a cost. With 79% of open proxies prone to blacklisting, your chances of unrestricted Vimeo access will be slim.

Vimeo Proxy Success Techniques and Insider Tips

Use these tips and techniques to get the most out of your Vimeo proxy provider.

  • Turn on IP rotation in your proxy settings to avoid getting blocked. Sticking to one IP too long can get you flagged for bot usage.
  • Opt for proxies that offer a wide range of locations. By changing your location every session, your requests will mimic organic user traffic. 
  • Adjust the bandwidth settings of your proxy servers to mimic natural user behavior. If you’re making too many requests quickly, it will indicate bot usage. Identical intervals in IP rotation are also a sign of bot behavior.
  • Make sure your proxy of choice offers encryption to protect your data requests. This will ensure no one else can see your Vimeo activity.
  • Keep a close eye on your proxy’s activity logs for anomalies. This way, you can adjust your browsing strategy before you get blocked.
  • Randomize the user-agent strings sent by your proxy servers to mimic different types of devices and browsers. That way, your requests will look more authentic.

And as always, never settle for bad service.

Top 6 Vimeo Proxy Providers

Here are the top six proxy providers that offer Vimeo-specific services.


  • Datacenter: $1.39 /proxy
  • Static Residential: $2.40 /proxy
  • Rotating Residential: $1.75 /GB
  • Mobile: starts at $81 /mo
  • Private: $1.56 /proxy

IPRoyal has a massive residential proxy pool of two million IPs. They’re obtained through the Pawns app, where users willingly share their bandwidth.

Its flexible location targeting allows you to specify countries, states, cities, or even platforms. While ASN targeting is available for premium plans, rotation options are also versatile. You’ll get a new proxy with each connection or a sticky session lasting up to seven days.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 341,385 (US), 103,502 (Germany), 99,240 (UK), etc. 
  • Rotations: Every request, 1 second to 7 days
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat, email, and Discord
  • Extras: API, data usage reports, high-end pool, third-party integrations
  • Free trial: 24-hour refund
  • Detectability: 93.74% success rate

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 9 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 10 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 9 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 8 out of 10

Our overall rating is 9 out of 10.


Support – Speedy live chat responses

Diverse Locations – Over 125 countries with city-level targeting

Product diversity – all proxy services available with HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 access points


Lack of Scraping Features – No web scraping tools or APIs

Free trial – No free trial available however you can be refunded within 24 hours of purchase


  • Datacenter: $3 per IP
  • Residential: $1 per GB
  • ISP: $12 per GB
  • Mobile: starts at $4/GB
  • Shared: $12 /GB

Infatica has 10 million monthly residential IPs from partnerships with browser extensions and app developers. You can pick from various countries and filter by state, city, ASN, or even regions like Europe or Asia. 

Rotation settings are flexible, with options ranging from every request to five and 60 minutes. While it does support the SOCKS5 protocol, port availability is somewhat limited.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 226,090 (US), 792,251 (Russia), 116,173 (Germany), etc.
  • Rotations: Every request, or between 5 and 60 minutes
  • Support: 24/7 support via tickets, chat, or email
  • Extras: Extensive documentation, SEO services, web scraper API, PPC quality control
  • Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99
  • Detectability: 95.95% success rate

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 8 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 10 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 8 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 9 out of 10

Our overall rating is 8.75 out of 10.


Support – Responsive customer service

Easy on the wallet – Contains numerous affordable plans

No compromise on performance – High-performing proxy servers


Limited network size – The IP pool of Infatica is subpar

Average user experience – Complex user experience derails newbie proxy users


  • Datacenter: $8 /GB
  • Residential: $20 /GB
  • ISP: $17.50 /GB
  • Mobile: $30 /GB
  • Shared: $1 /GB

NetNut specializes in residential proxies, with a 52 million IP pool. Due to legal issues with Bright Data, only US-based residential proxies are available. 

Despite this, NetNut provides excellent features and access to 150+ countries with state and city targeting options. The only downfall is the lack of precise targeting options like ASN and customizable rotation intervals.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 231,6791 (US), 556,454 (Mexico), 967,890 (France), etc.
  • Rotations: Every request
  • Support: 24/7 via email and Skype
  • Extras: API, extensive documentation, one-hop ISP connectivity, proxy management
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses
  • Detectability: 95.68% success rate

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 7 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 7 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 9 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 8 out of 10

Our overall rating is 7.75 out of 10.


Extensive network – A large proxy network

Impressive features – A wide array of useful features

Scalable & flexible – Easy to scale and flex


Subpar onboarding – Sign-up process is a bit hectic


  • Datacenter: $2.5 /IP
  • Residential: $6.6 /GB
  • ISP: $6.6 /GB
  • Mobile: $6.6 /GB
  • Shared: $0.6 /GB

SOAX offers around 5 million IPs worldwide. While some remote African locations might be hard to access, the network has decent coverage almost everywhere. You can easily check the coverage using a map on SOAX’s dashboard.

It also offers generous targeting and rotation options – even ASN targeting, which is rare among mid-range providers.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 6,843,600 (US), 2,765,400 (UK), 1,110,960 (Germany), etc.
  • Rotations: Every request, 90-600 seconds (residential and mobile), 24-hour sessions (ISP)
  • Support: 24/7 live chat and tickets
  • Extras: API, customer success manager, VPN, encryption
  • Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99
  • Detectability: 98.22% success rate

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 9 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 9 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 8 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 10 out of 10

Our overall rating is 9 out of 10.


Good documentation – Excellent documentation hub to inform users

Flawless performance – High-quality proxy servers ensure fast speeds

Affordable – Multiple reasonable plans for everyone


Limited ports – The port selection is limited

Limited number of residential IPs – As compared to other platforms, the pool of residential IPs is tight


  • Datacenter: $0.22 /proxy
  • Residential: $10.50 /GB
  • ISP: $15 /GB
  • Mobile: $24 /GB
  • Shared: $0.05 /proxy

Webshare has 30 million residential IPs sourced from real devices at traffic-based pricing. But there’s limited transparency regarding IP sourcing.

The coverage in over 195 locations is great, but lacking filtering options can be a downfall. Proxies rotate naturally but can be held for specific durations. It’s a simple provider – you can’t expect advanced features and customization.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 12,65 (Albania), 1,362 (Argentina), 6,105 (Australia), etc.
  • Rotations: Customizable with Proxy Manager
  • Support: 24/7 via live chat, tickets, and dedicated account manager
  • Extras: API, browser extension, Proxy Manager, extensive documentation
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses, 3-day refund for individuals
  • Detectability: 98.06% success rate

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 6 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 9 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 6 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 8 out of 10

Our overall rating is 7.25 out of 10.


Flexible pricing model – Something for everyone

Great performance – High-quality proxy servers ensure fast speeds

User-friendly interface – Easy to use & sell explanatory interface


Okayish customer support – Webshare could improve its customer support

Features scarcity – Fewer features compared to other providers


  • Datacenter: $50 /month
  • Residential: $10 /proxy
  • ISP: $340 /month
  • Mobile: $22 /proxy
  • Shared: $50 /month

Oxylabs has the market’s largest collection of monthly residential proxies: over 100 million. They’re obtained through Honeygain and partnerships with other app developers.

You can filter IPs to virtually any country, state, city, or ZIP code. These proxies follow the endpoint: port format, rotating with each connection request or half-hour sticky sessions.

Key Features:

  • Locations: 11,074,560 (US), 3,579,899 (Germany), 3,622,838 (UK) etc.
  • Rotations: Every 30 minutes
  • Support: Live chat, account manager
  • Extras: Extensive documentation, proxy management, SERP scraper API, unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Free trial: 7-day trial for companies, 3-day refund
  • Detectability: 99.98% success rate

Customer Support and Service Level Agreements – 10 out of 10

Pricing and Affordability – 6 out of 10

Location and Geolocation Options – 9 out of 10

Quality and Reliability – 8 out of 10

Our overall rating is 8.25 out of 10.


A-grade customer service – Easily connect with professionals over chat

Top-notch proxies – Reliable & high-speed proxy servers

Incredible scraping tool – Web scraping API tool for smoother data gathering


Heavy on the pocket – Expensive plans

Frequently Asked Questions About Vimeo Proxies

What is the strongest proxy for Vimeo?

Whether you’re a viewer or a content creator, IPRoyal is the strongest proxy for Vimeo. It keeps you anonymous, bypasses geo-restrictions, and boosts your network performance. 

What is the number 1 proxy server?

The #1 proxy server depends on your intended use case. Regarding Vimeo and other video-sharing platforms, IPRoyal and OxyLabs are great options. They prevent IP bans while maintaining a great network speed as you upload large files.

What is the best proxy port?

There is no one-sizes-fits-all proxy port. For Vimeo usage, we recommend opting for port 80 or port 443 – they’re open and allowed through most firewalls.

Which free proxy is best for Vimeo?

We don’t recommend using a free proxy for Vimeo since they can be pretty unreliable. However, IPRoyal offers a free shared proxy list with HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS support.

Final Words

Incorporating the right proxy into your Vimeo experience can unlock its potential. From faster uploads and better privacy to unrestricted content access. Use our guide to find the perfect proxy provider and enjoy a superior, uninterrupted Vimeo experience.

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