How A Rotating Mobile Proxy Helps Ad Verification

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Online ad fraud is rising, and its global cost is expected to reach $172 billion by 2028

The solution? Ad verification with the help of dynamic, untraceable rotating mobile proxies. 

What’s Ad Fraud? 

Ad fraud is an all-encompassing term. The internet is riddled with ad fraud, from fake clicks to simulated traffic. 

Any attempt to defraud a digital advertising company is considered ad fraud. Most hackers use bots but can also steal advertisers’ conversions, PPC, and ROI in many other ways. 

Ad verification with a proxy can prevent ad fraud by detecting bot traffic, click fraud, and unauthorized placements.

Common Types of Ad Frauds

common types of ad frauds

Hackers are constantly developing more creative ways to commit ad fraud. Here are some of the most common types of ad fraud to expect.

  • Impression or Arbitrage: Your ad will appear but be reduced to one or two pixels. Since 50% of your ad pixels need to show up for at least one second, it’ll be considered useless.
  • Ad Click: Scammers use bots to generate false clicks on a large scale. The PPC system allows them to drive site revenue while reducing conversion rates.
  • Botnet or Bot Traffic: Bots surf the internet, interact with ads, and generate fake traffic.
  • Ad Stacking: Scammers overlap multiple ads, with only the top one visible to users, to create false impressions.
  • Click Farms: Bots click, view, like, and share ads to deceive digital advertisers.
  • Domain Spoofing: Scammers mask their domain as another company’s, making buyers think their ad will appear on a premium site.

What’s Ad Verification? 

Ad verification is the process of ensuring that your ads are performing strictly as intended. That means showing up on the right websites, in the proper context, and to the right audience. It also ensures that your ads are free of fraud.

Advertisers use specific tools and strategies for ad verifications. These tools help fulfill verification tags like content, location, and site attributes.

Why Ad Verification is Important

Your brand’s reputation is paramount, and ad fraud is the worst thing to impact. Ad verification can help companies:

why ad verification is important

Pick The Right Audience

Companies can analyze their demographics and behavior with the help of ad verification techniques. It’s an efficient way to target their most relevant consumers.

Assess Authenticity & Quality of Ads

Ad verification can keep your brand reputation safe by ensuring the ads are authentic and high-quality. You want to avoid being associated with low-quality or fraudulent content.

Target The Right Sites

Companies can use ad verification tools to ensure their ads end up on credible websites. 

Save Ad Funds 

Ad frauds cost advertisers significant financial losses. With ad verification, they can ensure their money is spent on legitimate placements and engagements.

Check Ad Placements

Ad verification checks ad placements’ compliance with brand safety standards. Your ads won’t appear in inappropriate or harmful locations.

Meet Rotating Mobile Proxies – How They Help Ad Verification 

Rotating mobile proxies hides your IP and makes you look like a genuine user. The only way to combat ad fraud is by simulating real users.

Ad fraudsters avoid getting caught by banning all IPs they suspect of ad verification efforts. By hiding their IP, rotating mobile proxies can help ad verification tools do their job.

Benefits of Using Rotating Mobile Proxies for Ad Verification 

benefits of mobile proxies for ad verification

Simulate Genuine Users

If your ad verification bot or tool appears as a genuine user, the ad fraudster won’t suspect your presence. That’s the ideal time to block their ad fraud efforts and save ad funds.

Provides Full Anonymity

A successful ad verification strategy depends on complete anonymity. Rotating mobile proxies from reliable providers has a 99.99% uptime rate, so you don’t have to worry about exposed IPs.

No Interruptions or Blockages 

If an ad fraudster sees the same IP monitoring an ad multiple times, they’ll suspect and block it immediately. Rotating mobile proxies changes your IPs after short periods, never sticking to the same one long enough to get caught.

Bypass Geo-Blocks to Verify Local Ads

Local ads are only visible in specific locations. By changing your IP’s location with a proxy, you can access local ads and prevent ad fraud.

Mobile vs. Residential Proxies for Ad Verification 

Residential and mobile proxies are both used for ad verification. Here’s how each option combats ad fraud. 

Device compatibility

30% of all mobile ad spend is lost due to ad fraud. Residential proxies may mimic real users but can’t simulate mobile users like a mobile proxy.

By mimicking mobile users, companies can detect fraud in mobile ads. Then, they can verify that their ads are compatible with mobile devices.

Network variability

Mobile proxies can also rotate IP addresses, meaning your IP will change multiple times in a session. They offer variability in device type and location to resemble a genuine user. Residential proxies are typically only available in static form.

Fraud detection

Mobile proxies are better at detecting fraud in mobile ads. Mobile-specific fraud, such as fake app installs and clicks, make up most of the online ad fraud. Meanwhile, residential proxies offer a more generic ad verification solution.

Compliance Monitoring

Mobile and residential are equally efficient at ensuring your ad placements are compliant, no matter what location and network they’re in. Compliance with safety standards and regulatory requirements is crucial for brand image.

Verifying Ads with Pinnacle Proxy Rotating Mobile Proxies 

Rotating mobile proxies are perfect for ad verification. They’re impossible to detect since they’re associated with real 4G/5G mobile networks. 

This way, ad scammers can’t distinguish your IP from a company’s, so they have no reason to suspect or block you.

With Pinnacle Proxy, you have access to thousands of rotating mobile IPs. You’ll have a complete ad verification strategy with IP rotation, multiple locations, and zero blocks. 

Wrapping Up

Over 52% of brands fear fraud because of its impact on their reputation and ad spending. With the help of rotating mobile proxies, they can keep a close eye on fraudulent activity and ensure their ads appear just as intended.

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