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Expert in networks, proxies, automations, and stealth browsers, with a focus on serving small businesses and privacy-conscious individuals. Gained extensive applied knowledge from online courses provided by MIT, Stanford, and Google, complementing a background in computer science. A consultant for small businesses in the realms of organic search rankings, visibility enhancement, task automation, and reputation management.


George Veresan brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to his writing, primarily focusing on networks, proxies, automations, and stealth browsers. His expertise is tailored towards small businesses and individuals who prioritize privacy. George's approach to writing is deeply rooted in empathy and practicality, drawing on his own experiences and challenges to guide others in navigating the complexities of technology. His work is not just about providing information; it's about sharing wisdom gained from real-life applications and helping readers stand on the shoulders of giants. In addition to his writing, George consults for small businesses, aiding them in improving their online presence and automating tasks to boost efficiency and revenue. His personal interests, including fitness, fishing, gaming, and cooking, add a well-rounded dimension to his professional persona. George's current ambition is to elevate Pinnacle Proxy as a leading mobile proxy provider and expand his marketing consulting business, focusing on increasing online visibility for clients and reducing their merchant fees.


George's educational journey began with two years of computer science at Eastern Michigan University, followed by a successful career in mortgage sales. However, his most notable education has come from what he terms 'YouTube University,' where he has delved into courses from prestigious institutions like MIT, Stanford, and Google. This self-driven education has provided him with a comprehensive and practical understanding of his field, equipping him to write with both authority and relatability.

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