Using Proxies for Multi-Account Creation & Social Media Management

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Out of the 4.8 billion social media users, the majority only have one account each. But you’re probably juggling multiple profiles if you’re a social media manager. 

That also means you’ve fought your fair share of bans and flags.

While social media management tools are excellent for scheduling and analytics, they fall short when helping with social media limits. Luckily, mobile proxies are the perfect solution. 

Advantages of Using Proxies for Multi-Account Creation

Using proxies for creating multiple accounts has various benefits – here are a few of many.

Anonymity: Proxies swap your IP address with another to boost anonymity and make it challenging for websites to detect and block you. So it won’t look like multiple accounts are attached to one IP.

Geo-Targeting: By changing your IP location, you can view your social media ads from different places. This will allow you to simulate how different user bases react to your ads.

Security: Proxies act as a buffer between you and the internet. Incoming requests will go through the proxy server, so your server won’t get infected with malware.

Localized Data: Social media managers can change their IP location to see what’s trending on social media in different regions. Then, they can tailor their social media strategy accordingly. 

Automation: Proxies can protect your social media bots through repetitive tasks. This way, your IP won’t be associated with too many likes, comments, and shares, and you won’t get blocked.

Risks of Not Using Proxies When Operating Multiple Accounts

Using a single IP address to create multiple social media accounts has many risks. All social media platforms have account creation limits, including:

You can exceed these limits using different email IDs, but your IP will remain the same. Social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter ban IPs that make such attempts.

Meanwhile, TikTok has more lenient consequences for exceeding account limits. You’ll get shadowbanned for about two weeks.

Benefits & Use Cases of Multi-Account Creation

Multi-account creation isn’t just for boosting engagement or private posting – here are a few situations you may need to create more than one social media account. 

Social Media Management

Social media managers must often run multiple social media accounts on the same device. Numerous accounts can help share content tailored to specific audiences, boosting engagement and interaction. It allows social media managers to:

  • engage diverse communities efficiently
  • target various demographics
  • improve customer service

Online Advertising

Nearly all businesses advertise on social media, with social ad spending reaching $219 billion in 2024.

Using multiple accounts can help businesses run targeted ad campaigns and monitor their success on social media. Companies can tailor messages to specific audiences with separate accounts to maximize their reach.


Another great use case for setting up multiple accounts is in the eCommerce industry. As an eCommerce business, having various seller accounts is wise as it can help make more profit.

Let’s say your primary seller account gets banned or restricted – you won’t be out of options. You can simply switch to the other one and keep selling.

Market Research

Web scraping for market research isn’t just limited to websites; it can also be performed on social media. Multiple accounts can help you scrape data from different sources without the risk of getting banned.

Competitor Analysis

If you don’t have multiple social media accounts, your competition already does. Instead of letting them dominate the platform, stay one step ahead and reap more customers with various accounts.

SEO Monitoring

We abide by the saying “content is king” for more reasons than one. It’s not just about creating high-quality blogs; social media is crucial to your content strategy. Multiple accounts can help you boost your search engine rankings with organic traffic.

Social Media Outreach

Small businesses can make do with one account, but we can’t say the same for larger companies. If your business has multiple branches, departments, and offices, a single account just won’t cut it. Multiple social media accounts can help you operate on a multi-national level and reach all your customers.

Post From Multiple Accounts

Managing multiple accounts on social media expands your posting capabilities. Platforms like Instagram have limited reach, meaning your posts are only shown to a subset of your followers who engage with your content. Multiple accounts can increase your reach by offering your content to multiple follower subsets.

Use Cases of Multi-Account Creation on Different Platforms

Here’s how multi-account creation can look on different platforms. 


Facebook is the trickiest platform for creating multiple accounts. Its robust anti-spam systems use AI and deep learning to detect and ban multiple accounts from one entity. 

Staying undetected on Facebook goes beyond just using a proxy. You’ll also need to monitor where and when you’re posting. Around 95% of the time, Facebook accounts get banned because group members mark the users as spam.

Multi-account creation can help you on Facebook in more ways than one – you’ll be able to:

  • Dedicate separate accounts to different departments or product lines
  • Segment your ad efforts and target different groups and locations
  • Post without triggering Facebook’s anti-spam algorithm


Instagram detects multiple accounts on the same IP as suspicious, even if you haven’t exceeded the limit. Once you receive an IP ban, it’s hard to prove to Instagram that you’re not spamming. 

Your accounts may be frozen for days at a time, and in some cases, they may not even get unbanned. Luckily, using a mobile proxy can prevent all this hassle. 

Here’s what multi-account creation can look like:

  • Representing different brands and product lines on one device
  • Accessing localized content and ads
  • Seamless collaborations with influencers in different niches
  • Engaging with your content without getting shadowbanned

X / Twitter

Having multiple accounts on Twitter can be drastically different from other social media platforms. With a suitable proxy, you can exceed the app’s limit of 5 accounts. 

Then, you can use each account from a different IP for diverse market research. For example, you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor brand mentions without exposing your IP
  • See what kind of context your customers are mentioning the brand in
  • Change locations to see what’s trending in different regions
  • Provide a space for customers from different regions to reach out and get support
  • Verify ads in different niches and countries

Reasons to Choose Mobile Proxies for Multi-Account Creation

While any proxy type can help you bypass social media limits, mobile proxies are easily the more sensible choice. Here’s why.

Prevent Bans

Social media apps are less likely to block mobile IPs since they mimic real users with mobile devices. Mobile proxies can help you manage multiple accounts without any bans or disruptions.


Privacy and security are top concerns when managing multiple accounts. Mobile proxies will hide your IP and reduce the risk of getting spammed or hacked. Your data will go through encrypted tunnels, so unauthorized users can never access it.

IP Addresses in Various Locations

Mobile proxies with IP rotation can help you access social media from different regions worldwide. This allows businesses to collect geo-specific data and get insights for market research.

Step-By-Step Guide for Multi-Account Creation Using Mobile Proxies

Follow these steps for the right way to use a mobile proxy for multi-account creation on social media. 

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Proxy Service

Choosing a trustworthy proxy provider is crucial for secure access to multiple accounts. The right provider will be reliable and offer a large pool of IPs. Remember that proxy providers can view your data requests, so pick one you trust.

Your mobile proxy should have a manual and automatic IP rotation feature.

Pinnacle Proxy offers 4G/5G mobile proxies from real mobile devices for anonymous and secure multi-account creation. We provide both automatic IP rotation and manual IP rotation for maximum versatility.

If you’re looking for a mobile proxy with low block rates and a speedy 4G/5G connection, look no further than Pinnacle Proxy.

Step 2: Purchase a Proxy Bundle

Once you’ve decided on the proxy service you’ll use, it’s time to register yourself for their mobile proxy plan. If you choose Pinnacle Proxy, you can get a free trial to be sure about your investment. 

pinnacle proxy 4g mobile proxy pricing table

Step 3: Configure Proxy Settings

Next, you’ll have to configure the proxy settings on the device you want to use for creating multiple accounts. Here’s how:

  • Go to your device’s network or application settings.
  • Locate the network settings section and find the proxy configuration option.
proxy configuration on mac
  • Enter your proxy details, including the IP and port number given by the proxy service.
  • If required, ensure the username and password.
  • Save the configuration settings.
  • Confirm the proxy works using What Is My IP Address.

You can also enhance multi-account management with stealth browsers like AdsPower, Kameleo, and GoLogin. These browsers offer an extra layer of privacy using fingerprint masking technology. This way, apps won’t track your activity, making each browsing session appear from different servers.

Step 4: Create Multiple Accounts

Finally, you can create multiple accounts on all social media platforms. Just make sure your IP rotation settings are on. 

Mobile proxies will make it look like each account is created from a unique and genuine mobile device to reduce the risk of bans and blocks.


Proxies can make multi-account creation a safe and efficient process. Since mobile proxies mimic real users and offer high anonymity, they’re an excellent choice for creating multiple accounts. Try Pinnacle Proxy’s mobile proxies today and say goodbye to social media limits!

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