What are Datacenter Proxies? Datacenter Proxy Advantages and Uses

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Internet users create 181 zettabytes of data every day! Each zettabyte is worth a trillion gigabytes.

With all this data floating around, data breaches become more common and difficult to prevent. That’s where datacenter proxies come in.

What are Datacenter Proxies?

A datacenter proxy server is hosted on an actual datacenter. Your IP won’t get attached to a real location or ISP to appear genuine. Instead, it will represent a real server in a datacenter.

While these proxies aren’t used to appear as real users, they do help with speed and privacy. Since there are hundreds of data centers worldwide, you’ll have a very large IP pool to work with. You can utilize dynamic IP rotation for complete anonymity

Like any other proxy, datacenter proxies intercept and forward your data requests using a different IP. These IPs belong to one of the endless servers in a real datacenter.

These datacenters belong to web hosting companies like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

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How Datacenter Proxies Work?

Datacenter proxies work a lot like other proxy types. A user buys a datacenter proxy server and gets a few different IPs. Then, they can connect to any internet service using one of these IPs.

This IP will protect your identity, increase browsing speed, and reduce your chances of getting banned. Since you get access to a large set of IPs, they’re better for traffic-intensive tasks like web scraping. You can keep switching your IP and avoid anti-scraping measures.

You may find datacenter proxies for free, but they won’t be reliable. Paid datacenter proxies encrypt your data and offer global server coverage.

How to Create a Datacenter Proxy? Model Explained 

Creating a datacenter proxy involves hardware and software configuration. 

First, you’ll need to establish a high-performing datacenter with tons of servers. These servers can communicate easily within a network. 

Each server is responsible for a unique proxy server software, allowing users and the internet to interact safely. You’ll finish with a few final touches – load balancing features, data encryption, etc.

Major corporations, such as hosting and cloud services, create datacenter proxies. These companies can afford to set up many servers to host their data and proxy software. 

Where to Purchase Datacenter Proxies?

Choosing the right datacenter proxy provider takes quite a bit of research. Here are our top four picks.  


Oxylabs is a leading datacenter proxy provider. It offers over two million proxies in 188 different locations with low latency. 

Setup and configuration are the easiest aspects of Oxylabs proxies. Their customer service is also incredible, available 24 hours a day. 

The only downfall is the high cost.

Bright Data

Bright Data offers a combination of 72 million mobile, residential, and datacenter IPs. They have locations in over 195 countries and a strong API. 

Since their proxies are best for web scraping tasks, they’re ideal for large businesses. Its 99.99% uptime and 24/7 customer service will keep you confident.


Smartproxy has 40,000 datacenter proxies just in the US! Even though they’re new to the market, this provider offers an incredible UX and performance. They also have detailed documents and proxy management tools.


Soax offers 3.5 million IPs in over 100 locations. Since it provides flexible IP filtering options from 90 to 600 seconds, it’s a great tool to use alongside your web scraper. It also allows you to choose custom rotations for maximum anonymity.

The connection is fast and stable, but their customer service is the shining star. 

Datacenter Proxy Use Cases 

Datacenter proxies aren’t the most diverse proxy type. But they are secure in almost all use cases.

use cases for datacenter proxies

Analyzing Market

Businesses can use datacenter proxies to conduct in-depth market research. They’ll be able to visit competitor websites without exposing their real IP. Then, they can gather data on marketing strategies and pricing.

Breaking Geo-Restrictions

Most internet users turn to VPNs and proxies to access geo-restricted content. Datacenter proxies equip you with secure IPs from different locations. That way, you can view content that may not be available in your area.

Overriding IP Bans

Traffic-intensive tasks like web scraping and streaming can get your IP banned quickly. But there’s no such risk if the datacenter proxy keeps your IP on rotation. 

SEO Monitoring

Businesses can use datacenter proxies to facilitate their SEO research. They can work alongside other SEO tools without getting blocked by search engines. They can also change their IP to view localized search results in target areas.

App Testing

Developers can use datacenter proxies to test their app’s performances under various conditions. They can also try how the app would perform in a different location, especially if it has ads. 

Social Media Management

Social media managers tend to create multiple accounts to support or promote one business but quickly get IP banned for spam. Datacenter proxies offer dynamic IP changes, making it unclear who those accounts belong to. 

Sneaker Botting

Sneaker botting involves sending multiple requests for a coveted product using a bot. This often results in IP bans by anti-bot measures. Datacenter proxies can change your IP numerous times within a session to avoid association with bot-like behavior.

Are Datacenter Proxies Worth It? Exploring The Ups & Downs

Here’s why you should and shouldn’t use datacenter proxies.

are datacenter proxies worth it? Pros and Cons.


Fast-Paced Connection

datacenter proxies have significantly lower latency times than other proxy types. That’s because there are tons of servers for you to work with. These servers can be scaled up and down as needed.

Easy On The Wallet

Dedicated and virtual private servers cost a ton of money but are never worth the investment. Datacenter proxies are affordable yet powerful.


Datacenter proxy servers are made to accommodate heavy traffic loads, so they have high bandwidth. They’re great for traffic-intensive tasks like web scraping and data transfer.

Easily Available

There are over 10K datacenters worldwide, each with its own collections of servers. There will always be an available IP address for you to utilize. 

Simple Setup

Setting up a datacenter is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is install the right proxy software, connect to any server, and start browsing. 


Easily Detectable

The infrastructure setup of data center proxies makes them easy to detect. If one user disrupts the data transfer on a data center server, all users on that server will suffer. Your data may get exposed along the way, depending on the security measures.

Less Anonymity

Unlike residential or ISP proxies, datacenter IPs don’t mimic genuine users. You won’t be able to blend in with the crowd, but your real identity will remain hidden.

Wrapping Up

Datacenter proxies are affordable, beginner-friendly servers with a huge IP pool. While they’re not without their faults, they’re a scalable web scraping and browsing solution. 

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