Backconnect Proxy: An Expert Guide for 2024

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Web scraping gets more prevalent daily, with 38% of companies practicing it for market research. 

The only problem is how tricky it is to automate data extraction. Repetitive and identical requests from the same IP lead to bans sooner or later. 

The solution? Back-connect proxies. 

These proxies can be invaluable for companies, extracting tons of data without getting blocked. 

What is a Backconnect Proxy? 

Back-connect proxies run on extra-large IP pools specifically for traffic-intensive tasks. The IP will rotate automatically as long as the connection is in use. This way, websites can’t detect or ban the presence of your scraper bot. 

Instead, it switches to a new IP whenever the requests get too suspicious. You can configure the proxy settings to change how often a new IP is rotated. 

Back-connect proxies are great for business use, specifically web scraping.

backconnect proxy

A General Overview of How Backconnect Proxies Work 

Web scraping on a single IP is impossible without getting banned. If too many requests come from the same IP, the website’s anti-bot measures will trigger a response. That may include a temporary restriction, CAPTCHA to solve, or a permanent ban.

Luckily, back-connect proxies send each request with a new IP. Each request is coming from a different person in a new location. You can change the proxy settings to rotate the IP after an interval instead of each request.

Like all proxies, back-connect proxies intercept and send your requests on your behalf. This anonymity can be great for companies who want to keep their competitors from knowing about their market research efforts.

Backconnect Proxies Use Cases

Back-connect proxies are designed for web scraping but have many other uses.

backconnect proxies use cases

Web Scraping

Back-connect proxies allow bots to scrape tons of data while bypassing anti-bot measures. To improve your scraper’s performance, you can change proxy settings like the session duration, rotation time, and location.

Social Media Management

Users can rely on back-connect proxies to create and manage multiple social media accounts. Frequent likes, comments, and posts are great for engagement but often lead to IP bans. With a proxy, there’s no such risk – especially with mobile proxies or residential proxies

Ad Verification

Digital ad fraud will reach $65 billion this year. Businesses can avoid partaking in this method with effective ad verification via a back-connect proxy. They can ensure their ads are displayed safely and viewed by the correct audience.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO specialists can use back-connect proxies to improve their strategies. They’ll be able to track backlinks, rankings, keywords, and results from different locations.

E-Commerce Analysis

50% of web scraping is done in the eCommerce industry. Businesses can use back-connect proxies to compare prices, collect product data, and view their competitors’ marketing strategies. 

Brand Protection

Businesses can only protect their brand if they keep their online activities private, especially during competitor analysis. Reliable back-connect proxies allow for anonymous web scraping and brand protection. They also prevent your servers from getting infected with malware.

Which IPs Are Available with Back-Connect Proxies? 

Depending on the provider, the following proxies are available via back-connect proxies. 


According to a 2019 study, most residential proxies run in back-connect proxy mode. Residential IPs are connected to real homes and locations, making you appear more genuine. 


These are IPs provided by internet service providers. Since most internet users get their IP from an ISP, it makes you appear as a genuine user from a different location.

Data Center

Data center IPs are attached to servers in real data centers around the world. There are tons of data center IPs out there, so they’re better for rotational tasks like web scraping.


Mobile proxies are associated with 4G or 5G data connections. Since they make it look like you’re just a casual browser on a mobile phone, your chances of getting blocked are low.

Backconnect Proxies Pros & Cons 

Back-connect proxies aren’t flawless, but the pros outweigh the cons.

pros and cons of backconnect proxies


Unmatched Anonymity

Back-connect proxies offer more anonymity than other proxy types. Instead of just masking your IP, they rotate your IP at each request to make you untraceable.

Provide Solid Security

Back-connect proxy users can make HTTP requests to servers around the world. This instantly improves your security when browsing the web, as all those servers will protect you from malware.

Unlimited Request Limits

Websites with anti-bot measures block you after you’ve made a certain number of requests. Since your IP will be changing, you’ll have virtually unlimited requests.

Large IP Pool

Back-connect proxies have a very large IP pool, so you likely won’t get the same IP a second time. You can enjoy new IPs every rotation without worrying about exposing your real IP.

Easy Proxy Management

Configuring and managing a back-connect proxy is simple. You can change the location, session duration, and rotation period with the click of a button.



Back-connect proxies offer high anonymity and dedication, so they come at a premium. 

Speed Issues 

Back-connect proxies slow down when making requests to servers in different countries. This is known as hops. 

For example, you’re in the US, sending a request to Turkey, while your proxy IP is in France. Then, it’ll travel to a few different places to get to the destination.

Making The Most of Back-Connect Proxies – 3 Secret Tips 

Keep these secret tips in mind when using your first back-connect proxy.

Quality > Quantity

With IP rotation features, getting the most number of IPs isn’t a priority. Opt for proxy providers that focus on quality instead, ensuring you don’t get blocked.

Customize Settings

Take all opportunities to customize your proxy settings. Finding the perfect rotation frequency and location is key to a seamless web scraping experience.

Monitoring & Tweaking

Remember to track how your proxies are performing and tweak accordingly. For example, if certain locations keep getting blocked, remove them from your rotation.

Top 5 Back-Connect Proxy Providers 

These are the top five providers for back-connect proxies on the market.


IPRoyal offers all kinds of back-connect proxies: residential, mobile, ISP IPs, and more. They also offer static IPs for more diverse use cases. This provider supports HTTPS, SOCKS5, HTTP, SMTP, and IP rotation.

Best For: Unbeatable prices


Smartproxy offers a ton of US-specific ISP proxies, with 16K IPs in the country. Users can enjoy unlimited browsing sessions where the IP changes when demanded. Unfortunately, this provider doesn’t support the SOCKS5 protocol. 

Best For: Effortless data scraping


Oxylabs is a leading data center proxy provider with over two million proxies in 188 locations. Setup and configuration are easy, but the app is expensive.

Best For: Largest proxy pool 


Bright Data has over 700K residential proxies, both public and private. They offer three IP types within the ISP proxy network: public (pay per usage), public (pay per IP), and private ISP proxies. Their proxy manager also allows for automatic IP rotation

Best For: Enterprise-grade scaling

Pinnacle Proxy

Focusing primarily on mobile proxies, Pinnacle Proxy offers a wide range of “personal” IPs, including residential and ISPs. They also offer dedicated IPs, so you don’t have to share the bandwidth. 

Best For: Affordable mobile proxies

Wrapping Up

Back-connect proxies are your one-way ticket to effortless web scraping. Whether for personal or business use, these proxies will hide your identity so you can say goodbye to IP bans.

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